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Doradelocks/openings   Marine-Alarmpanels Marine-Heat/Firedetection


Building licence Gaudimaxx 60
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Reliable and functional construction
Stainless-steel A4 / 316, open/closeable fom inside,
versions for 3", 4",5" and 6" clearance hole 
The design gives a safe 120% intake area and 
therefore a correct and convenient airflow.
Just glue directly on deck with PU or Epoxy.

Need construction help for the Doradebox?
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Marine Detect-a-fire Series HDL-1:
massive Marine-Aluminumhousing, min. IP66, 
This is the "Top Industrial Performanceproduct"

* 60°C, 71°C, 88°C, 99°C, 107°C and 
* higher until 260°C
* Switch n/c or n/o
* 2 or 4 - wire system
* Detector-Thread from brass or stainless steel

Datenblatt (de) - Datasheet (e)

Datasheet of the sensor: DAF_Models_e.pdf

Pressebericht - Press release: Press_hdl_e.pdf
(See IBINEWS Edition 2007/12 / 2008/01 , page 119)

Datasheet LICO HDL Heat Detector LICO.pdf


Overflowdetection Series OFD:
in massiven Aluminumhousing, min. IP66, 
This is the "Top Industrial Performanceproduct"

* Switch n/c or n/o
* 2 or 4 - wire system

* Mounting upright or head-down
* Ideal for Diesel, Gasoline, water, 
* air vent or air out possible

Datenblatt (de)  -  Datasheet (e)

Alarmpanel für OFD and HDL-1 Series:

massive Aluminumhousing, Membrane-keybord
with LEDs, integrated Tact-switches, 
optical and audible Alarm
several Inputs and outputs
min. IP66 from Front, sealed by O-Ring, 
high reliable industrial product
Voltages: universal input good for 9 - 30 VDC

Controls together with the OFD 
the level of Dieseltanks while filling, 
will Alarm right before reaching the Top-level.
This will avoid spilling the environment and 
guarantees well applied environmental protection.

Controls together with the HDL 
the temperature of the engineroom, 
Pre-alarm and Main-alarm available when reaching 
certain temperatures.

Instead of connecting a Detect-a-Fire-Sensor,
also 2 industrial-grade Smoke-Detectors can be 





Double-pole Batteryswitch-unit
max 50Volt DC or 50Volt AC,
400 A max. permanent,
2.000 A max. for max. 5 sec.,
13mm Copperrods,
divided chambers,
connected mechanics,
18 mm oiled Mahagonihousing and
a massive Teak-handle.
All mounting srews A4
Dimensions - switch, 15x18x10 cm,
Dimensions complete unit ~ 35x20x15 cm




24VDC - Power-distribution.
max. 32VDC
max. 400 A,
Fuses 100A - 300A
also available as unfised power-distributor-block
heavy duty industrial product
Please see datasheet
Contact: LICO Hungaria Kft, Raba u. 4, H-2030 Erd, Hungary, Tel +36 23 520 113


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